Our Approach

At Grange Montessori Nursery we recognize that every child is unique and has his own learning style. By understanding how children learn and providing them with the tools and opportunities tailored to the way they experience the world around them, our approach allows children to learn through understanding rather than being told. From understanding comes confidence and a joy in learning.

‘Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand’

Montessori education provides a wide range of experiences, which stimulate a child’s love of learning and discovery. The object is not to cram the child with knowledge or cause confusion by giving too much choice, but to build a firm foundation for future development

At Grange Montessori Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) and it’s identification of 3 Prime areas (Physical, Personal, social and emotional, Communication ad language) and 4 Specific areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the world, and Expressive arts and design).

All the areas are important and interconnected. However the Prime areas are seen as fundamental in the earliest years from birth to 3 years, as they support all the child’s development and later learning.

Our curriculum will be working towards meeting the Early Learning Goals aligned with the Montessori Method of Learning.